Sweet Potato Pup Treats

Today’s recipe is not for you. Nope- it’s only meant for beautiful babies to consume, and when I say beautiful babies, I mean your dog.

Anyone who knows me on a personal level, knows I am not the warmest person. I’ve never been a big fan of pets or babies. They make me feel uncomfortable…mostly because they don’t understand me. Once my roommates brought home a stray kitten and I flatly told them they needed to get rid of it PRONTO. So when Paul and I got a dog in March, I’m sure my friends and family were like “what the hell man”.

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Pretzel Crusted Chicken


Fellow foodies, I am so sorry I haven’t been delivering delicious recipes to your computer screens lately, but I’ve been busy getting a (sort of) real job. If you check out my About page, you’ll see I’ve been upgraded from stay-at-home dog mom to communications professional. Not to rag on stay-at-home dog moms, because let me tell you my SAH dog mom days were very rewarding and a lot of hard work, but this lady has bills to pay and unfortunately Piper isn’t the greatest at putting food on the table- but she’s great at taking it off the table when we aren’t watching.

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Breakfast skillet with cheese, green onions, bacon. potatoes and eggs

Parker Surprise (On Crack)

I’ve never been a big breakfast person. I know, I know- everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day, but at 7 am, I can barely scrape myself out of bed let alone throw together a meal for myself. Weekends, however, are a different story. Nothing makes me happier on a Sunday morning than a nice big breaky in bed (Paul never lets me eat in bed, actually, so more like “breakfast on couch”). Continue reading

Crockpot Chicken Taco Bowls

If you have a full-time job and no crockpot, you’re doing it wrong. When I am working full-time, it’s a constant struggle to muster the strength to cook for an hour when I get home, when all I want to do is to play with my dog and watch my favourite special on TLC. A crockpot is essentially a no-fail solution for people who hate the effort it takes to cook but love good food. You can even make fricken desserts in a crockpot (More on this another time). It’s seriously pretty close to impossible to screw up a crockpot recipe, especially these chicken taco bowls.

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Grilled chicken cooks on a barbecue

Five Sizzlin’ Marinades for your Boring-Ass Grilled Chicken

Sick of your bland AF grilled chicken? Unless you’re in the process of cutting for a bodybuilding competition (in which case this is the wrong blog for you)  you deserve some saucy goodness to spice up your weekday protein. Marinaded chicken is literally the easiest beginner meal in my whole repertoire. Seriously, just throw your raw, unthawed chicken in a big ziplock bag or Tupperware container, poke some holes in the breasts with a fork and dump enough of your marinade in the bag to coat that bird in irresistible deliciousness. Let it sit in the fridge for the day- or if you’re last minute like me, at least an hour- then throw it on the BBQ, a stovetop grill pan or George Foreman grill. Easy and delish. Continue reading